Duvet Dwellers Books Name Change and Other News.

For those who have followed this blog for a while you may have noticed a change. With the arrival of Flamingo Paperie cards I have decided to evolve; same blog with the main focus being on my love of books but I will add a smattering of posts about life with dystonia and of course, my love of cards. It is now called From Under the Duvet – Books, Cards and a Wobbly Life. The web address will also change when I figure out how to transfer my domain without spending a fortune and will be fromundertheduvet.co.uk

Dystonia is the main reason I spend more time dwelling under the duvet reading than I should so without it this blog would never have started. Dystonia is a common neurological disorder yet it is hardly spoken about leading to under diagnosis, misdiagnosis and loneliness for those with the condition. Awareness is key to funding support and research so I want to do my bit to help. I was diagnosed with my rare form of dystonia – DRD dopa responsive dystonia – after I stumbled on a blog showing a video of a man with the same symptoms as me. Blogs can make a difference and if this helps one person, I will be happy.

Cards for Christmas

It is getting closer to Christmas so those wishing to buy any cards, gift wrap or accessories from Cards From Under the Duvet the last date for delivery before Christmas is 17th December. Delivery is free until 31st December and a donation from all sales will be made to The Dystonia Society.

Giveaway Winner

The winner of The Christmas Lights by Karen Swan is Lil_Mixie on Instragram.


I hope you will continue to follow me on my new venture and make 2019 a good one.

Happy Reading!


Hello December – Christmas, News, Offers, and Charity

Hello December! I love December especially the first day of the month; it time to open advent calendars — have you got yours yet? If not there are some lovely none chocolate options here. It is also the day to put the tree up and decorate. I always wake up with an excited feeling.

Now is the time for writing Christmas cards. Flamingo Paperie has many to choose from single ones and packs. This is one of my favourites.

Donkey card

Donkey in the Snow

And now they have released some new products to make people smile

New Releases

Pop up cards

Peek Show cards

These are special cards based on the Victorian Peep shows, they look wonderful and as soon as I get one I will show you but why not take a peek here?

Cards for Charity

The Flamingo Paperie Christmas cards raise money for the The Phoenix International Charity which is supporting Together for Short Lives, Macmillan Cancer Support and Alzheimer’s Society but this year I am also fundraising for Dystonia Society UK. This charity works hard to support people with the neurological condition, dystonia. 10% of sales made via cardsfromundertheduvet.co.uk over the festive season (ends 1st to 31st Dec) will be donated. This covers all products not just the Christmas stock. So why not have a browse and make a small charity smile?

Which brings me to tell you about the special offers.


Free postage

Postage is currently free no matter how small an order is which is ideal for last minute gift wrap or cards.  If you need a game for the dinner table, why not grab a chatterbox? Or if you need to keep guests young and old calm and busy a metre high colouring poster is perfect to harness the relaxation of colouring.

The Customer Club is now  open

Join the customer club today and you will receive updates on new products, special offers and free gifts.

For any orders 17th December is the last date for the delivery in time for Christmas.

Finally, here is Flo the Flamingo. Who needs an elf on a shelf when you have to get up to mischief. Follow her adventures on our Instagram page with #Flo_the_Flamingo

Introducing Flo the Flamingo

Time to get out of the duvet and help decorate the Christmas tree.

Time for the Christmas tree

Merry Christmas!


Christmas is coming – let the countdown begin

As we hurtle towards December, it is the perfect time to find an advent calendar to help you countdown to the day.

Luckily, Flamingo Paperie have a range of advent calendars for you to view.

As I said before, my favourite is the Reindeer Stable but I am tempted by the others too. They are different to many calendars because instead of opening windows to reveal an image or chocolate, an item is added to the scene. The lack of chocolate makes them is ideal for people, like me, who are on a diet or have dietary restrictions.

The high quality means they can be used next year if they are cared for and can be added to the annual family tradition.

For those who desire the more traditional design with windows, there are the popular advent calendar cards. I find these ideal for friends and family so they have an additional treat from the Christmas greetings.

November is also the time I settle down in the evening with a festive book to get me into the seasonal mood. I have a stash of new and old ones to choose from. Do you have a favourite book I could add to my to-be-read pile? I would love to hear from you.


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The Flamingo Paperie starter pack has arrived.

Eek – the starter pack has arrived and my partnership with Flamingo Paperie has truly begun.

When I signed up it was an easy process but I was unsure what I would receive in the starter pack of cards. A few days later, I felt like a child at Christmas, with the tingly rush of adrenaline and butterflies fluttering in my stomach when I saw our postman arrive with a box. This feeling intensified as I opened it.

Starting out with Flamingo Paperie

A collection of cards in the starter pack

There were cards- lots of cards of different designs to give an overview of range available. British made and as environment- friendly as possible they feel and look quality. There is also a pack of cellophane covers for the cards if required – putting these on are optional. As the world is becoming more plastic conscious, this is a good idea because customers may be happy without them or at least give them back to be used again.

My favourite cards in the pack.

Now is the perfect time for me to start my business; Christmas is coming and the festive range of cards, wrapping paper and accessories such as bunting are beautiful. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I adore the advent calendars especially the The Reindeer Stables. Mine will take pride of place at home this year.  I have decided you are allowed more than one advent calendar and never too old to join in the fun. The quality and design mean they are an excellent addition to the Christmas tradition. I love the advent cards too which are ideal to send to children and friends through the post for added smiles. You can view the range here. What do you think?

The Customer Club

My business will predominately online so I’m  thrilled with news there is a customer club people can join. If you love stationery, would like updates of new ranges and news this is ideal; you get special offers and sometimes surprise gifts when you order. More details can be found here*

Flamingo Paperie Customer Club

Join in the fun with the Customer Club


A steep learning curve is ahead as I get my head around starting my own business but with the website already formed by the company, apart from a couple of changes, and the support from a flamboyance of flamingo partners and the company owners online it is also exciting.

More soon


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*a pop-up pops up to clarify you are human so if your phone doesn’t like it or any problems signing up just let me know and I can help 🙂

The Journey as a Flamingo Paperie Trader begins

Welcome to From Under the Duvet. A place to share my love of stationery, greeting cards, books and snippets of life.

This is the beginning of a journey. While I have been blogging about books for a while on Duvet Dweller Books becoming a Flamingo Paperie Partner is a new venture and experience. I used to be an avid fan of The Phoenix Trading Company especially at Christmas for their advent calendars so I was shocked when I heard the news they were no more. Luckily, I discovered instead of the traditional phoenix rising from the ashes, a pink flamingo arrived. Flamingo Paperie was born.

The arrival of Flamingo Paperie

The beauty and quality of these British made cards and the ability to run a flexible, small business from home, under the duvet tempted me to sign up as a partner. As someone who spends too much time in bed due to chronic illness it seemed an ideal solution. Starting a business is scary at the best of times, fitting one around medication, chronic fatigue and illness is daunting but a friend gave me this:

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Let the journey begin

So join me on my journey into working from home, browse the what Flamingo Paperie has to offer and share some good books.


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