Book review: The Unquiet Mist by Mark McGahan

Sometimes while hiding under the duvet, I  need to read something spooky to make the back of my neck tingle. I had heard good things about this book so quickly downloaded it.

The Unquiet Mist

The Unquiet Mist by Mark McGahan

Title: The Unquiet Mist

Author: Mark McGahan


1991, Sedgley, UK. The Lawsons move into their new house.
What starts off as a perfect beginning for them, slowly descends into a darkness beyond their wildest fears.
Matty, their four-year-old, starts interacting with someone that isn’t there, while Emily, their eleven-year-old encounters a darkness that stays with her throughout the house.
What starts as strange, escalates to an evil so horrific, it threatens to tear the family apart.
“There are times when the dead want to be heard.”

My Thoughts

For me, the sign of a good ghost story is the ability to make you think twice about getting up in the middle of the night and this debut definitely made me wary of venturing into a dark hallway.

The Unquiet Mist takes you back to 1991 and has all the elements you want of a classic ghost story which you don’t see often anymore. It’s spine-tinglingly creepy and made me want to keep the light on all night. Its ability to give me more than a few nightmares means I can not wait to read more from this author.

Would I recommend?

If you are a fan of ghost stories give it ago. In hindsight, I would read it during the day but that may not have been as much fun. It would be perfect for a Halloween read.

Have you read it? Let me know your thoughts below.

Happy reading!

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