A year old!


I can’t believe our 1st birthday has been and gone last month, July. It doesn’t seem that long ago 3 of us shared our thoughts on how a cyber book club could work. Some ideas worked and remain in place, others were changed either by accident or design while some failed no matter how much we wanted them to succeed. Time zones, the need to sleep and spoon shortages were some hurdles  we couldn’t  change.

Happy birhday unsplash

Our first birthday!

We have read many books, some good and some not so,  and gained new members which means more book lovers to talk too, more books to discuss and more friends to be made. Thank you all who have joined in and made this idea a reality.

Watch this space this month for our members book reviews and our first Meet the Author post.

This month we are delving into the  genre of short stories or novellas with the theme “Short and Sweet”.These are perfect for brain fog days and can be overlooked. What would you read?

As the  year is galloping a head we are also brainstorming ideas for next year’s themes. What would you like to see?

Until next time happy reading.


Upcoming Themes and Book Club Party Dates

August          25th August

Short and Sweet

September   30th September


October  28th October

If you would like to join our book club for Spoonies click here


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