From Love to the magical world of childhood

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February, the month of love was recognised by the ‘self care’ theme, after all in the world of chronic illness looking after yourself is essential.  The theme was open to include general self-care and finding more about your condition so a range of books were discussed including Diagnosis Dystonia and The Drama Free Way of Life.

 C.S Lewis quote children's books


We revisited childhood in March, in honour of colourful and delightful  World Book Day where children and adults dress up as their favourite characters to celebrate the joy of books.   The book could have been your favourite dog-eared book you grabbed repeatedly of the shelf (or kept close under your pillow) or a book you always wanted to read. There is a wealth of enchanting books to choose from, including the classics from Roald Dahl, Frances Hodgson Burnett and J K Rowling.  Children’s stories can be magical, inspiring or heartbreaking such as one my old favourites ‘Goodnight, Mr Tom’. There are so many, it was difficult to decide because a title is mentioned and  memories of childhood reading flood back – favourite reading places, library or book shop visits or  friends. Not only do you relive the story and catch up with long forgotten characters, you also capture snatches of time as memories of the when you last read the book resurface. It is a theme that should be have a sequel or two.

 This theme should also come with a warning – your to-read list grows exponentially as you brainstorm books you have read and want to read again
Still looking back in time


From revisiting old favourites, April’s theme is all about reading someone else’s history in the form memoirs and biographies. Any person can be chosen, from any period of time. Maybe it is someone you admire, intrigued by or they lived through an experience you either relate to or want to know more about, the choice is yours.  This is a genre I do not normally read so I am looking forward to giving it a go as well as catching up on everyone else’s finds.

What will be on your next book be?

Happy reading until next time.

 Future Book Club Dates
April – Biography or Memoir – 29th April
May – A book with a colour in the title – 27th May
June – A book you already own – 24th June
To join our book club click here for a warm welcome

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