First ever Newsletter

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Welcome to our book clubs first ever newsletter!

Thank you all for being part of Duvet Dwellers Book Club and sharing all your thoughts, ideas and love of books since we began in July. Reading is an excellent past time when you have a chronic condition as it can be done anywhere, in bed, garden, bus or even a doctor’s waiting room. Books can take you different countries and world’s without leaving your room and introduce you to characters who share their lives with you for those short/long pages. Reading is even better when you can share your experiences with others and explore books/topics you have never seen or heard of so it has been wonderful to meet and chat to you.

Looking back, we have covered many themes from inspiration to Christmas and lots of books have been recommended along the way. These have ranged from tales of witches to the first man to the moon. I don’t know about you my to-read list has expanded exponentially and I need to find a way to slow down time to read them all. A page has been added with all the books we have read this year so feel free to browse for that book which jumped out at you when it was talked about.

As 2016 begins so does our new monthly themes starting with ‘Something New or New Beginnings’. So browse your shelves, bookstore or library and choose a book and join in with our bookclub party at the end of month.

Remember this party can be done anywhere there is internet access and you can drop in at anytime.

PJs and slippers are suitable attire and naps are allowed.

The only requirement is you and your book.

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The upcoming themes*  for the first quarter of the year are:


Something New or New Beginnings!




Childhood classic.

*More details can be found here

Book Club Party Dates

Friday 29th January

Friday 26th February

Friday 25th March

firework new year

We hope you have a wonderful 2016 and it is full of books !

Feel free to share this newsletter to fellow Spoonies who love books – as the group grows so do the discussions and love of reading!

To join us click here for a warm welcome

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